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let's go for a walk and see why you are here.

You are here for a reason, you want more? You are having challenges with at least 1 of the 5 relationships that we all have? See my Logo/business card below.

To understand any relationship, is to understand the complete picture.

We all want Success in our Relationships…often it can be difficult and illusive. This is what I help people with

How well are you doing in any of the 5 Relationships (see below)? How driven are you to be successful in the 5 Relationships? How much money and time have you spent or invested into success, whatever that means to you? Do you have a library full of books, tapes, CD’s, home study courses, or whatever just gathering dust? Are you addicted to the chase, the quest but not seeing the results that you want or think you should be accomplishing? Why? Why not? 

We all have 5 Relationships....remember we are on a walk, exploring...tech is a huge part...where does it fit?

With Self

How we feel about ourselves literally impacts our relationships with every one and everything…

With Spirituality

Bottom line…we all have a spiritual connection to everything. It does not matter if we believe this or not… ..

With Others

How are your Relationships with others? Every person has core beliefs and experiences for good or bad that effects our relationships… 

With Time

We all have been given the same amount of time, 24/7/365…The variable is how many years and what do we do with that time?…

Last but not least...Money.
Do you spend or invest? Do you produce or consume?
Do you control money or does money control you?
Are you a consumer or entrepreneur?

Every single day, every single minute, we have connections. Even if we are alone we are still connected. We have perceptions, feelings, beliefs about our surroundings…about our perceived reality, Consciously and Subconsciously. Joining this group will help you connect better, having and creating more meaningful relationships…and opportunities… 

Since we have been on our walk a little bit and have an idea of the 5
relationships, lets take a look at my book and a bit about me...just to give a little background as to why I do what I do.

My Book

Back in 2004 I was pumping gas and a question popped into my head, 14+ years later it is the dominant concept that I teach about and help people with. I decided to study the concept. From 2004 to 2010 I studied the premise to validate it to make sure it was/is real. Since 2010 I research the depth and how far reaching this core of our existence extends. Everything that I teach started from a simple question. We will talk about the question and the questions that followed when you contact me. I became keenly aware of the 5 Relationships as  result of the question resulting in the title of my book. I could change it and make it more business like but I wont. This is the core of our humanity even in business! If we have anything other than this at our core, like greed specifically then I am not sure If I can help or want to help…WHY? Because unless that greed is going to change, nothing else will…  

About Me

I am 54 years young. Happily married to my better 3/4 instead of the typical “Better half” As you can see we have 8 kids, 4 boys and 4 girls, all ours. I am a Writer, Philosopher, Wordsmith, Car Enthusiast. I fix and restore cars as well as people. I didn’t like school much except shop type classes as well as art classes. One class in high school that I truly loved was a linguistics class, that I took twice. I didn’t read in school at all, I don’t think I have read any of the required books that are talked about…   I read and write pretty much every day. Anyway…I am certified in Hypnosis (which I don”t use much) I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, which is Neural Linguistic  Programming. I am passionate about helping people and I am very good at what I do! It’s not about me, its about the principles and process that I teach that almost no one is teaching! 

The foundation of what I teach can be summed up, at least in part from this video. When I saw it for the first time I was blown away. It was so cool to see this supporting everything that I teach. If you want Relationship Success then you simply must change. If you want Relationship Success…You must overcome…YOU!  If you want to change ans improve it take time, desire, focus and discipline! Watch this video to touch just the surface of possibility and potential. 

What I do is not about motivation or raw raw, it is about Principle and Truth. This video represents our potential! One of the things I teach is a process that goes against the norm. I dont like Goals and I dont teach goals…Here are my 5 steps. 1. No Goals. 2. No Judgments. 3. No Expectations. 4. No Time. 5. Only Outcomes. 

So, now that you know a bit about me, lets talk about you and why you may want to join this Social Network....its free to join! My PDF book is free...

Member Reviews

Hi everybody! I have been working with people personally and in seminar settings for the past 12+ years. Recently I started a private group as a way to Beta test so to speak. I wanted to experience a group setting as a way to teach as well as creating a space for people to talk about and experience the 5 relationships as they improve. It is going quite well.  Now its time to launch a global social network. This entire social networks sole purpose is to help people improve their relationships. Below are Reviews of experiences. 

From Debbie: "The opportunity to be in a group learning situation online where any time of the day or night I can post what insights I am gaining, questions I have, or problems to put out for help solving, has been...amazing, so amazing! It's hard to put into words, but the concepts and principles taught are important and helpful to living in this world and looking to a better future. Tyce is an excellent and unique mentor who has the skill and ability to help many people at once get to a better place. He has commitment to his life mission, passion for what he does, and willingness to spend the time necessary for what he is guided to do. He is kind and compassionate, and knows how to tune into what each individual needs at the moment. There are no judgement made; he creates a safe haven for discussion within the groups and one on one. If you want to wake up, this is a fun and empowering means to that end!See! Your example and help taught me not to limit myself and stay in old "AR's"!!!!!!"
Debbie B
Wife, Mother..
From Warren: "After coming in contact with Tyce's theory of "A.R". I found myself reflecting about my own negative thoughts and beliefs about things which were not accurate about reality or my life. After counseling with him and a lot of self-reflection, then applying, and disregarding negative AR, I was able to more fully move forward and make actual steps in my recovery. Give it a chance, the change will occur."
Warren S
Social Worker

Now that you have made it this far on the walk, hopefully you noticed everything I have tried to show you. Hopefully, maybe you saw something about yourself that maybe you haven’t seen? So you are not wasting your time, here is a bottom line. Everything I teach is not typical or traditional PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) stuff, it goes much deeper. For most people PMA stuff does not work. Maybe you have experienced this already? If for whatever reason you are not ready to sign up for the free membership then you owe it to yourself to get my PDF book. I will email it to you and that is it. I wont fill your email up full of stuff that you probably wont read anyway…Fill out the form for my book and I’ll send it. I may send a follow up from time to time but nothing more…Most of my content is original, not a re-branding…No one can read my articles online and posts accept members. I do from time to time, write marketing type articles for more exposure. This content is for you as a member. If you are open, feel free to join for the free free 1 month Trial or whatever membership seems best for you. I was going to offer the “basic” membership for free but the risk of abuse and spam is too great. Feel free to send me a question or comment from the envelope at the bottom right of the page. 

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